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Quality Methodology
Wind measurements are crucial to the establishment and daily operations of a wind farm. Although there are various tools available on the market, including: Anemometers, Meteorological Towers, wind LiDARs and Sodars, these often lack accuracy, are difficult to position, are costly or, are not flexible enough to be used in multiple positions in the same location, simultaneously.

The SpiDAR® Solution
The uniqueness of Pentalum's technology is in its exploitation of technology and components used in unrelated fields, such as optics and telecom, to create innovative solutions in wind technology. Using common off the shelf components, such as Exploit lasers, Detectors and Optical components, together with a unique architectural structure and measurement methods patented by Pentalum, allows Pentalum to provide simultaneous, accurate and reliable measurements of wind speed at multiple sites, at a cost per site significantly lower than existing technologies.

SpiDAR® Central Control Unit
In order to provide wind farms with a complete solution, Pentalum has developed the the SPIDAR® Central Control Unit (CCU).
The unit collects wind data from each of the SpiDAR's out in the field through a secure web-based system, presenting data in a clear and easy to use dashboard. Information is transferred directly from the sensors to the control unit every 10 minutes via a satellite up-link (or GPRS in certain regions of the world), and allows for real time monitoring and control.
The SpiDAR® CCU is a powerful wind analysis software that lets you view, compare, and analyze wind conditions directly from data received in real time, as well as to remotely manage and control the SpiDAR® in the field.

Preliminary Technical Specifications
Measurement range: 30-200m
Number of programmable heights 10
Data averaging interval 10 min (default ) Programmable by user
Wind speed sensing ability 0m/s to 70m/s
Range accuracy 1m
Horizontal wind speed accuracy ±2% of free stream measured by
calibrated Class 1cup anemometer
Wind direction accuracy < ±3°
Eye safety class 1M
Precipitation indicator Binary rain detector
Operating humidity 0% to 100%
Cone scan angle (full): 10°
Power consumption: 35 W
Weight: 60 kg
Operational temperature range: -40°c to +60°c
Communication type: 3G/ WCDMA/GSM
Location indicator GPS system
Deployment: Easy deployment in rough terrain including forestry areas.

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