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Quality Methodology

Quality Methodology
Pentalum incorporates strict quality assurance procedures in every aspect of the products life cycle; from analysis, design, development, and implementation, to ongoing maintenance and support.

Pentalum maintains and continually improves product and process quality through:
  • Reliability programs
  • External certifications and regulatory approval
  • Implementation of a strict and structured quality system
  • Quality engineering - documentation control (PLM system - Windchill), CAR, failure analysis, monitoring of CM and production line
  • Continuous improvement
Product lifecycle
From design to production, Pentalum has successfully applied recognized standards to develop stringent quality assurance guidelines, for both internal and external applications.

Engineering Verification Testing - EVT
In addition to basic functional tests and parametric measurements, specification verification is performed on initial engineering prototypes. This ensures that basic unit performance meets design goals and specifications.

Design Verification Testing - DVT
Full functional testing (including usability), performance testing, climatic testing, preliminary reliability testing and pre-compliance testing.

Production Verification Testing - PVT
Production verification of Mechanics, Electronics and Optics includes environmental factors, QC plans, statistical processes and manufacturing tools.

For both pre-production and production units, this process verifies that design has been correctly implemented into the production; this includes First Article, weekly periodical reliability tests and RDT tests (environmental, process).

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