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Pentalum, Second Wind partner to promote remote sensing in the wind industry

Second Wind, a leading developer/manufacturer of remote sensing equipment for the wind energy industry, and Pentalum Technologies, the developers of a new generation of cost-effective LiDAR wind measurement systems, today announced the formation of a partnership to promote the use of remote sensing for the wind energy industry. Second Wind will work with Pentalum Technologies to sell and support the Pentalum SpiDAR® wind measurement LiDAR system.

"We’re excited to enter into this agreement with Second Wind," said Sagie Tsadka, CEO of Pentalum. "In our discussions over the past year we came to learn that both companies share very similar approaches in our product designs and dedication to customer support. With the rapid growth in demand worldwide for Pentalum’s revolutionary SpiDAR LiDAR, partnering with Second Wind provides us with valuable field experience, and a proven network of sales and support professionals required to meet the wind industry's demand for accurate measurement, robust design, and an affordably priced wind LiDAR solution."

Larry Letteney, CEO of Second Wind, added: "For many years Second Wind has been dedicated to providing top-notch wind measurement instruments and services to the industry. Measuring and reporting the wind is all we do. Our Triton® Sonic Wind Profiler has successfully collected nearly 7 million hours of data in 30 countries across the world. When we launched Triton nearly five years ago, we were determined to deliver a simple, accurate, reliable, easy-to-use and — most importantly — cost-effective remote sensing measurement device to the wind industry. Until Pentalum, Second Wind is the only company that has been able to deliver on these promises. Partnering with Pentalum is a natural step for us, since we share the core values needed to deliver the most accurate and cost-effective remote sensing solutions to wind developers and owner / operators."

Letteney emphasized that wind developers need a mix of SoDAR (sound detection and ranging) and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technologies to meet their goals. "Because of our broad field experience in wind measurement and remote sensing, we know that no single measurement technology is perfect in every weather regime, in every application. Our aim in working with Pentalum is to be able to deliver the best technology — whether it's SoDAR or LiDAR — along with the best support, to our customers for whatever situation they face in the field," said Letteney.

Second Wind and Pentalum will be exhibiting together at the European Wind Energy Association's annual meeting in Vienna, Austria February 4 – 7, 2013 on Stand A-B20 and A-B24.
About Second Wind
Second Wind develops wind measurement systems that enhance the value of wind energy for consumers, investors and the environment. The company’s technology provides wind farm developers with dependable wind data they need to plan, finance and operate highly efficient wind generation facilities. Second Wind’s systems are making wind farm development profitable in 50 countries on seven continents. Second Wind’s systems include Triton®, the wind industry's leading remote sensing system, Nomad® 2 wind data logger systems, and the SkyServe® web-based data service. For more information about Boston-based Second Wind, please visit www.secondwind.com.

About Pentalum
Pentalum develops the SpiDAR® — an innovative, cost-effective pulse wind LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system, for remote sensing of wind.

The SpiDAR's unique architecture enables the use of common, reliable components, allowing Pentalum to maintain lower production costs — a saving that is passed onto the customer — and making the SpiDAR affordable to enable wind farms developers and operators to deploy multiple units in a single site; providing better, more precise wind measurements

Pentalum is committed to providing its customers with advanced wind sensing technology and high quality engineering support. The Pentalum SpiDAR is available for purchase now.

For more information please visit www.pentalum.com or www.secondwind.com/lidar.


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