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China Wind Power 2012
If you do wind power business in china
You can not afford to miss the event, China Wind Power

Organized by the three leading associations in the domestic and international wind power arena - Global Wind Energy Council, China Renewable Energy Industry Association, China Wind Energy Association – China Wind Power (CWP) is an annual event which attracts the key players in the wind industry. Featuring the latest developments in products and technologies as well as facilitating in-depth discussions on the wind industry's hot topics, the event serves as an effective and efficient platform for governments, academics, developers, manufacturers and investors to network, exchange ideas, and find direction to ensure the healthy growth of the wind industry.
CWP, one of the top events for both the Chinese and international wind power industry in terms of both its influence and size has also become an icon in the industry and the first choice for China's wind industry. In the year 2012, CWP will hold its fifth edition, and it will stick to its tradition of presenting the development of the China wind power industry that it has witnessed over the previous year


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