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Feb 2015 - SpiDAR Performance Verification at DNV GL Test Site In Janneby, Germany
Summary of Performance Verification test done by DNV GL in flat terrain test site
Concurrent Spidar and cup anemometer wind measurements were carried out at the DNV GL Janneby test site to verify Spidar wind data quality against well-known high quality mast based cup and vane anemometry at measurement heights of 57 m 100 m a.g.l.

Valuation test of a SpiDAR lidar against a 100m Mast in complex terrain
Summary of validation test done by The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (C.R.E.S) in complex terrain test site
The present mast-lidar comparison campaign proved that SpiDAR’s technology is suited for complex terrain measurements, by providing very good results for the average wind speed and wind direction.

Comparative measurements between a Pentalum SpiDAR wind LiDAR system and Meteorological Measurements at the EWTW, The Netherlands
Period May 24th and June 30th, 2012
Within the framework of ECN project "Comparative Measurements SpiDAR® wind LiDAR system" (project number 6.00492) ECN reviewed data from the SpiDAR wind LiDAR system and compared it to the data from meteorological masts (MM5) at the ECN Wind Turbine Test Site Wier-ingermeer (EWTW) in the Netherlands.

The "Cross Correlation Method" For LiDAR Wind Measurement
By Nathan Sela PhD - Vice President R&D, Pentalum Technologies Ltd
The use of elastic Lidars to measure wind velocity in the planetary boundary layer is one of the most advanced and investigated applications of elastic Lidars. Roughly speaking, the various methods to measure wind can be divided into two categories: Coherent detection and Direct detection.

SpiDAR LiDAR Validation Campaign by GL Garrad Hassan
GL Garrad Hassan reviewed wind speed and wind direction data correlated by mechanical anemometry mounted on 100m lattice tower and a beta-version SpiDAR within the framework of a validation test.

SpiDAR LiDAR - Summary of Performance in Complex Terrain
Experimental Alaiz Wind Farm - Cener
The measurements have been performed at Experimental Alaiz Wind Farm - Cener, near Pamplona, Spain. Based on the results of this report, the SpiDAR has shown excellent results in complex terrain up to 118m height.

Comparison of SpiDAR LiDAR and Meteorological Balloon at 220m height
The wind measurements were taken with a meteorological balloon mounted with 6 anemometers in the range of 50 to 300m and the SpiDAR wind LIDAR. The measurements have been performed at a flat terrain area in a period of 3 days. The results exhibit excellent comparison for all covered heights with 100% data availability

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