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Pentalum, a VC funded company, was established in 2009 with the aim of developing the SpiDAR®, a revolutionary, cost effective, patent pending wind LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system, for remote sensing of wind.

The SpiDAR® provides the ultimate wind measuring solution to all three major wind energy applications: Wind resource assessment, Wind farm operation optimization and Wind forecasting.
Pentalum's offerings can be maximized by customers to better evaluate wind speed and direction, providing reliable data for both the establishment of new wind farms and optimal micro-siting. Existing farms can benefit from Pentalum's technology in optimizing turbine direction for maximum energy yield, as well as short term forecasting and Power curve verification.

In order to better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, and improve the overall management of the company, Pentalum has developed and implemented a QEMS (Quality and Environmental Management System) that documents the company's best business practices. The QEMS assures partners, customers and shareholders that all quality assurance and other required documentation is in place. Pentalum is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced wind sensing technology, as well as high quality engineering support.

Mission Statement
  • To provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.
  • To provide a working environment that promotes honest communication, loyalty, ownership, and employee advancement.
  • To develop partnerships with suppliers and customers to accelerate product and service advancement.
  • To take active measures to prevent pollution and contamination of air, water and soil.
  • To minimize occupational risks and increase employee awareness of safety, quality and environmental standards.
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