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SpiDAR® for Wind Resource Assessment
The high performance, portable, low cost SpiDAR® system is the most cost effective tool for wind prospecting, resource assessment and micro-siting, even in extreme weather conditions or terrain, currently available on the market.
The SpiDAR® sensors can be quickly and easily deployed at any site (including offshore) to provide accurate, reliable, highly available wind data.
At a lower cost per unit wind farm developers can now place multiple SpiDAR's throughout a site to dramatically increase the certainty of wind measurements. Using the SpiDAR® for micro-siting will also increase a wind farms' Annual Energy Production (AEP).
SpiDAR® Advantages:

  • Can be deployed anywhere - no planning permits required
  • Easy to deploy
  • True 3D wind profile
  • True turbulence intensity measurements
  • Vertical wind measurements
  • Measure wind shear profile across the entire rotor diameter
  • Accurate measurements in complex terrain
  • Highly portable and robust
  • Low voltage consumption
  • Pentalum's specifically designed low cost power pack

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