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The SpiDAR wind sensor for Wind Turbine Control is specifically designed to provide accurate and timely data of the wind vector ahead of the turbine's rotor, and deliver this information to the wind turbine control system improving the overall performance of the turbine.
Using fiber optic lasers, the SpiDAR can precisely sense, analyze and anticipate a change in the wind speed and direction before it reached the turbine, this allowings the Turbines control systems to adjust the pitch and yaw. Better control of the yaw and pitch angles of the wind turbine rotor, the wind turbine blades, and the rotation speed of the rotor can extract more power from the turbine and reduce the load and wear on the turbines blades and gear. This increases the power output while decreasing potential damage to the turbine.
As wind can change direction and speed several times a day, throughout the day, being out of alignment with the wind can significantly decrease power output. The SpiDAR's ability to predict this change ultimately translates into an increase in the total annual energy output of a wind farm and a dramatic increase in the turbines efficiency.

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