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SpiDAR for Wind Turbine Power Curve Measurements
One of the biggest challenges for wind farms is the accurate estimation of wind speed based power generation. The high costs and technical considerations of using conventional met mast wind speed measurements make them non-feasible, while the more flexible and economical way to perform wind turbine power curve measurements would be by using a wind LiDAR.
Pentalum's SpiDARs' power curve measurements (based on IEC Standard 61400-12-1) is one of the most accurate tools for measuring and testing the power performance of one or many wind turbines. The SpiDAR allows for a more precise estimation of the annual energy yield at a certain site, as is often defined in contracts, based on wind speed distribution. It is portable and can be easily be deployed at the most suitable place near each wind turbine, providing accurate and impartial power curve measurement.

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